Estate Planning & Probate

One of the needs of each family is a plan to continue when unfortunate circumstances occur. It goes without saying that having a plan for yourself and your estate once you have passed is important but it is equally important to have a plan for situations where you are still alive but unable to make decisions. For example, who will take care of your kid(s) if you are in a coma? Do you want your family to incur the expensive medical bills to keep you alive on machines if there is only a 1% chance that you will recover? Protect your family now from having to make these hard decisions during an already stressful time by creating legal documents that tell them how you want these unforeseen situations handled instead of leaving them to guess (and often times argue) about what they think you would want. Planning your estate now will also protect your loved ones from excessive taxes, legal battles and other potentially unforeseen issues.

Contact us now so we can meet with you, listen to your needs and goals, and assist you with drafting documents to protect your family in case something unfortunate occurs.