Callaway Law Group, LLC Firm Overview

We are a full service law firm with years of experience handling commercial and residential real estate transactions, negotiating business contracts and agreements, representing clients in and out of court, and providing personalized estate planning with clients of all backgrounds and ages.

You can always count on us to take the time necessary to clearly explain your case’s procedures and status so that you are up to date on every development, at all times. We understand that charges and matters of the law are often unplanned and happen without notice. The sooner you have an attorney on your side, the easier it is to build a strong case and come to a successful resolution.

The law office of Callaway Law Group, LLC has proudly served the Atlanta community for years. During this time, and based on increasing demand, our office has expanded into various areas of the law, including residential and commercial real estate, estate planning and probate, business contracts, and general services to better serve our growing clientele. We are extremely proud to offer our legal advice, legal counsel and representation to an array of clients from individuals to corporations.

Callaway Law Group, LLC welcomes your call regardless of your legal situation. Our utmost priority is to support and represent the community as well as the businesses in our area. No case is too big or too small for our legal expertise.